Its About Their Hat

We took our dinner to one of the fancy restaurant located inside the Mall of Asia, during our stay in manila, where the waiter’s and waitress are wearing different unique hats as their costume. Their snazzy hats caught our attention that we were able to borrow right after we finished our dinner. The hats were so stylish that we just can’t resist to pose for a while just before we go out from the place.
The same thing happens, when I had a trip in Cebu with Clarinda. We decided to dine in to this restaurant inside the Ayala Mall, as we were talking while eating our meal. I noticed that the waiter’s were also wearing cool unique hats. I asked Clarinda to please the waiter to borrow their hat so we could wear it while taking some snap shots. With no further ado the waiters granted our wishes.

Now that’s my favorite pose

Purple Witch Hat

It’s her turn!

The Witch waiting for rice to eat

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5 Responses to “Its About Their Hat”

  1. Ane Fallarme says:

    I know what you mean, I haven’t reached 300 drops also, it’s too hard, plus i always make it a point to read and comment on any of the blogs that I visit. I’ve only reached around 200, but it took me like 14 hours… well, let’s keep trying… 🙂

  2. genny says:

    cute mo diha ba…happy weekend Anne.

  3. anne says:

    to ane oo nga but last night I bet the 300 ec drops hahaha first time in the history lol

  4. anne says:

    to gen : thanks genny lingaw kau mi ni clarinda dinhia lol

  5. Sachi says:

    kacute sa hat oi hehehe oi sis cencys na ha wla pajud nko magrab imong award sauns busy jud tawn beauty ai…tc yads

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