Would That Be An Ulcer?

I must admit that vegetable is not my cup of tea. I don’t like to even taste it even before because I used to vomit right after I ate it. But since I always advised by some friends and Terry to eat some vegetable because it is really good for my health, I have tried to eat some from then on. In fact I sometimes take the lead to cook for vegetable at home.

But last night after I ate the vegetable I cook, my tummy aches too much and later on I vomited in the bathroom and got an LBM too, not much but it was painful enough for me to cry almost. Would that be the result of eating vegetable? Or I was just escaping meal too often that causes me to have a stomachache?

I usually had stomachache on my early 20’s and the last time I had when Mj was eight months old yet. My sister suspected that I already had an Ulcer since that was always the issue of them when their tummy aches. But it attacks me too long ago already and vegetable issues are far beyond my thought. Could that be an Ulcer again the reason why I had a severe stomachache last night?

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