Magellan’s Cross

One of the spot that Clarinda and I visited in Cebu was the Magellan’s Cross. As it was not just an ordinary cross they had preserve it by encasing it to a wooden cross. The cross was one of the historical events that happen in Philippines. Portuguese and Spanish planted it as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan in Cebu on April 15, 1521

To protect the original cross from people who would like to get some parts from it they had to encase it to a wooden cross as it was suspected that it is possessed by miraculous powers.

The Chapel

Just Chillin Eh?

Magellan’s Cross is a symbol of Cebu City as it is located in downtown fronting Cebu City Hall.

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  1. merce h:) says:

    Nag-enjoy jud diay ka diha ha!

  2. eden says:

    nice pic of you Ann with a beautiful smile.

    The place reminds me of my college life. Every Fri mo attend jud mi ug mass diha.hehehe

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