So Slow

I was having problem regarding with my Internet connection since last night. It was slow as the turtle when it walks. It made me too sleepy that I didn’t care at all whether I could get any thing or not. All I care was to crawl to bed and sleep.

I thought if I would let the slowness, last night it will go fast this morning but to my dismay it doesn’t change instead it was even worst. I cannot even chat with Terry for a long time because the connection kept on coming in and out. It was fast at the moment then the slowness attacks for like 10 to 15 minutes.

When I attempt to just shut down the whole stuff. It went on once again and this time it was really so fast. As such, I thought it will continuously be connected then all a sudden it was out.

The connection really went crazy and Terry has to call me to check if I could still log on, well whatever I try it just totally off and that I will just rather sleep and forgot the whole thing. [GRRRR]

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2 Responses to “So Slow”

  1. Manollie says:

    smart imo gamit dai anne noh? ako family sad oi, so many days na wala mi naka chat sa yahoo kay di kaconnect… hayyyyy. hinay jud daw

  2. anne says:

    lagi girl kaganina ra man sad ko ka experience sige jud in and out haay life wa jud koy nakuha opp oi wahh hehehe

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