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A Message To Our Kid O!

Terry and I agreed to buy a cake for Yan yan’s birthday that was held yesterday. I shopped to the last minute before the party began.

It was even a good idea to bring Mariel and Mj with me because I have to go, and get the balloons for the party. Right after we bought the necessary things intended for the party we headed straight to get the balloons then home.

Just a quick message to the little bratty adorable nephew I ever have. You know that I am a bit strict of everything but you know that I just love you and as a Tita I want you to grow a good boy and a good son to your Mommy and Daddy.

You may not understand it now but I know you will someday. I just want you to remember always that I wish for nothing else but a good health and good grades at school.

Once again kid o Happy Happy Birthday!

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