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What I’d Been Doing This Year?

January 2008: I was totally bloated at this month, Faith was inside me kicking yet wanted to get out from my tummy. That was Mj’s birthday that I tried my best to attend her party at the beach, even I did not have sleep yet since I just got out from work, even my tummy aches a little bit at that time. It was the beginning of my maternity leave though so I thought to just rest later after the party.

February 2008: I delivered Faith at 9:01 p.m. two weeks after Mj’s birthday party. She supposedly due on 24th to 28th but she cannot wait her dad to arrive on 21st. She was born on the same day as my Dad was. I actually forgot my Dad’s birthday until my sister Merlyn phoned me on February seven to remind us on Dad’s birthday and that we have to attend the mass on February 08 to commemorate his birthday. After we talked on the phone, I felt Faith was kicking so I went to our bathroom to pee but then I saw a white thing similar to a cotton balls. I called Sister Irenei and told her to get home immediately. Honey arrives on 21st and was teary eyed when he touch and carry Faith on his arms the first time.

March 2008: We send Faith’s paper for our visa application.

April 2008: Spending a lot of time with our baby at home and signed up for blogging.

May 2008: I went back to work with a heavy heart. My friends at work were so happy to see me and were so surprised how I gained so much weight.

June 2008: I decided to resign from work. Even though my boss tried to stop me but I have to choose and have to prioritize my kids. They both need my attention and care more than everything they need me.

July 2008: Planning Faith’s baptismal.

August 2008: Terry arrives for Faith baptismal. We were interviewed two days already before the date. I thought we would not approved because the policy should be four days before the event. Thank God the nun who interviewed us approved our schedule.

September 2008: Bugging Terry about our application and was reconcile with Sister Lilian.

October 2008: Terry bought me a ticket to go to Singapore but was declined with the Immigration Officer for lacking requirements. When I asked about it before I went, the airline where I bought the ticket told me how many times that the requirement does not include an invitation letter from my sister in Singapore.

November 2008: I went to Cebu with Clarinda. I was disappointed with my travel plan going to Singapore so Terry suggested forgetting about that stuff and going somewhere. He told me to reserve a ticket again for Singapore but I choose Cebu instead.

December 2008: We are planning to get married soon. I don’t know when yet but soon.

This year has been fruitful for me, even though we had a lot of trials that came our way but we were able to overcome it. Although our application was far beyond to become true yet but our love is strong and I know we will be together soon.

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She Was Raised Not To Need Men

I do really like her beauty a lot, other’s said that Anne Curtis is prettier than she I am not against with Anne Curtis and whoever would get the crown of being the most beautiful girl in Philippine Showbiz. I hope it won’t intrigue or as the source of commotion between this goddess as what they were being called.

Anyway, I just recently read the interview of KC in Cosmopolitan Magazine and I was impressed of how she quoted “I was raised not to need men” as you all know, she was being categorized as a secret bitch. She was rumored as a girlfriend of many. During her interview she pointed out about this negative review and said I have my own life and they know I can survive without a guy, so when I make the decision that I want to be spending a lot time with you, it means a lot to me. Because I was raised not to need men as much as most women actually do.”

So why this thing ever stoned to KC as such when she is not. Well, it is definitely because she got the spot light and everyone want to put her down. I have watched her first movie and yes, I must admit that she was not that expert yet when it comes to acting but come on even she is the daughter of Megastar Sharon she is still a neophyte with scenes and all.

It has been said she is going to make a film with Richard Gutierrez again, uhmmm I hope they would look for another else to tandem with KC so the viewer won’t get fed up, of watching her movie. I mean there are still actors whose good looking and best when it comes to acting than Richard to partner with her. So why not give them a chance? Who knows they would click.

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Maid Of The Maid Of Honor

That was what we kid ourselves this morning when we attend a wedding party this afternoon. We were not actually invited but through Clarinda, her cousin and I were able to attend the party.

It was my first time to witness a Church Wedding and how it was prepared! Whew! From flowers arrangement till the end of the ceremony, The Maid of Honor has always been there for the Bride. I admit I don’t have a talent with that stuff, but with Clarinda I think I ought to learn something and with her expect your wedding would be oh! So perfect!

That is why I did not hesitate to help a little, well it was only a little fix here and there though so that was no sweat in fact I enjoyed it a lot. I feel like I was really invited because I was able to help! And I was able to have some clues about wedding and its preparation.

Thanks to Junna because she let us witness the number one unforgettable event in her life, her wedding. Congratulation girl! Your wedding is a success. And to Clarinda, you are one of a kind girl, it was indeed a good job! Congratulations, And oh! Don’t forget me in your wedding day! [ASSUUSSS]

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I Got The Maximum 300 Ec Drop

Yup, last night I really took time to drop 300 EC sites, hoping my real rank will get better. They said when you drop the maximum of 300 Entrecard; your real rank will get lower.

So since, It was 4,301 the other night, I was hoping it would bet around 3,900 at least, but to my disappointment it was 5,987. I am not sure if that is the correct score. Does the ec drop really help with my real rank? If I drop a maximum of 300 which way does it move? Should my score lower or higher?

Is the 5,987 are all right or not? I just bought a domain on this blog, would that affect my real rank since the page is redirected to the new domain? They did not change my URL in Payperpost, does that matters?

Any suggestions folks regarding this matter? [LOL] Sometimes this thing really confused me [Aaargghh]

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