I Got The Twilight In My Package

The package was delivered early than the estimated date. Terry has been monitoring the package he sent through Fed Ex website. And all of a sudden he cannot update it one day after it arrives to Subic two days ago.

Good thing I did not went out yesterday for I have to receive the package myself. I was glad that it didn’t charge me any custom fee unlike last year that I have to go to their agency after they delivered the package to our house and since I don’t bring any extra money at home, I was not able to get it instead they advised me to get the package to their agency for I have to pay P2, 000 for the custom charge.

Right after I signed the papers I open it immediately and checked the things Terry sent to us, there was a helicopter, a remote control Dinosaur, two MP3’s, toys for our little Faith, two new game for Nintendo, four colored pencil, bridgford hotdogs, and the twilight book. I haven’t watch the movie but I think I will one of these days, I have been reading reviews about the movie and it gets me, my curiosity for it has been mark as the high rated performance this year.

I will be wrapping my twilight book so I have something to receive this Christmas Eve, I might not be surprise of the content of the gift but I surely would be surprise of the story. Yes! I would be watching the movie but it’s too different when you read the story itself because there are certain scenes in books that cannot be done as it may say in the movie.

I might take the pictures when the kids unwrapped their gifts on December 24th at 12:00 a.m., for now I have to hide the package underneath somewhere. [SSSSHHHHH]

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3 Responses to “I Got The Twilight In My Package”

  1. Gee says:

    Hi Anne, thanks so much for letting Terry bring my HP power cord, which Billy sent to Terry last August(hehe, maayo pa ang adaptor Anne, gkan na kay Billy og niagi pa jud Maryland, hay…kita ani)hehe…
    Og wla man gani nkasabay ni kay Terry last August, karon niabot na jud pinaagi sa FED EX….perti ka sosyal na adaptor….THANKS KAAYO DA! Have the merriest Christmas to you and your whole family …

  2. anne says:

    Hi girl hehehe lagi maypang adaptor ka travel pa lol

  3. bert loi says:

    hi! bisitaha pud ako blog!


    tenkyu! follow my blog pud! hehe.

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