Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome

It is commonly called “Bangugot” here in the Philippines. Mostly, victims were fast asleep and all of a sudden he could not breath anymore for some reasons, his pancreas was being stock of something, which causes of a sudden death.
While everyone was celebrating the triumph of Pac Man’s boxing match of De La Hoya, A showbiz young guy name Marky Cielo was delivered to the hospital for some unexplainable accident. Or shall I call it SUDS, although his doctor did not diagnose it as one yet, but some speculation arises that it was the caused of his death.

His Mom found him in their house unconsciously lying on his bed. They immediately send him to the hospital but unfortunately was not able to make it. The hospital declared it dead on arrival. This is devastating news to all his friends and family, many were shocked about his sudden death because he is too young and so active to have that implication.

What is Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome?

It is when an adolescent or adults died during sleep. Mostly the person is aware that he is dreaming and instantly feels like there is some force that stops him to move. Though victims have not found to have any heart problems but during the SUDS attacks, their heart rhythms become irregular. Older folks recommended trying to wiggle the big toe so to snap back.

To prevent this kind of attacks when you sleep. It said that if you are full or have eaten a lot of food, you should not sleep immediately instead you should at least walk for 30 minutes to let your system digest your food.

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7 Responses to “Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome”

  1. jHeLea says:

    this news shocked me yesterday also girl….dili gyud mi makatoo sa akong sis…he is too young to die…

  2. faye says:

    i like this post from yours anne.
    im a person who are sometimes suffer this kind of bangongot.
    it is started when im in hs until now..kaya di ako natutulog ng hapon..super takot ko pag nakatulog ako nyan coz i cant move my body anymore but my mind is still awake…
    i just drink lots of water and prayedddd so hard…..KAKATAKOT tlaga.

  3. simplyjacy says:

    this is very shocking indeed momi Anne. who would expect a young actor at the peak of his career would simply be gone like that? the same goes for Rico Yan and Julie Vega.

  4. inday_adin says:

    Oh my Lord! Pagkakita nako ani imoha blog I clicked it right away to read more about it. Oh my! Seems like the same thing that happened to Rico.. bangungot din. As what they said! Oh my! Bless his soul. Such a big lost in showbiz world!

  5. texas_sweetie says:

    informative nga post babay. nag research ka ani sa? guapohon man diay ning igoroto sa? sayang lang sya basin didto rapud siya kutob man oi.


  6. Mom of Four says:

    That’s so sad. I do have nightmares too and I am so glad that I know if I was dreaming, I force myself to wake up. Sometimes my nightmare is bad that I can’t breathe. But, luckily, I can control myself and wake up, and if my dream continues..I go and sit on the couch and not sleep for a little while.

  7. anne says:

    I also had bad dreams in my dream I heard people screaming underneath, their voices deafened my ears. and that I can’t breath suddenly. If I finally utter the word our father thats time yet that I can move my toes and my fingers, then the voices suddenly vanished

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