Will Sleep Early Tonight

As I am very exhausted from putting some widgets in my page, I was not able to take a nap this afternoon. I usually taking my nap at noon if I didn’t had enough sleep during the night.

But like a child who’s excitedly unwrapping the gifts that she had received. Exactly was what I felt when I arranged my stuff in my page. I was incredibly happy about the outcome of my lay out that made me tipsy right now. I got to crawl to bed or else I would just let my head hit the keyboard unconsciously.

So if I have not dropped your EC today please I ask you again to bear with me, I promise to drop EC by tomorrow, I am just too sleepy right now that I could even hardly type. My eyes will fall in a minute and I need someone to catch it! [Hahaha] See the weirdness?

Before I would say some horrible topics here or hallucinating of something. It is I guess to shut the computer off. Good night everyone!

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3 Responses to “Will Sleep Early Tonight”

  1. inday_adin says:

    hay mommy Anne just take a good nap to restore your energy.. hehehe I see you were so busy! nice blog site mommy Anne!

  2. jenn_US says:

    nice layout anne. ivy is the best jud sah. she’s got very imaginative and creative mind. oi take it easy. ako pud i was even dreaming about my blog layout when i had it redesigned by ivy. hehe

  3. anne says:

    To inday adin, sus sa dihang matulog na unta ko si faith sad ni mata wahhh. to jenn: hehehe pag add nako sa widget girl wala na koy pakialam sa mga opp nga gi offer hahaha

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