What A Smart Baby!

Every time my baby is fast asleep, we will just left her a feeding bottle with full of milk on her side and when I get back to check, I would see her milk almost finished.

I always thought when she picked up her bottle, she would open your eyes, crawl and get it until I’ve come again to the bedroom to check her again last night. She usually woke up at 11:00 p.m. after the two hours slept during night time but last night was different, she did not woke up so I came to check her. And guess what I just seen? She was lying on her back, she stretch her arms and feel the feeding bottle, then she held the nipple first [she can’t held directly the body of the bottle because it was too big for her little hand] turn it around slowly then voila! She got her nipple on her mouth and mind you! She did that all while closing her eyes.

I was having fun looking at her while she was drinking her milk, she didn’t need to cry at all to ask for her milk because she knows where the bottle place by heart.

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