The Man Behind Those Famous Books

Have you ever heard of Sidney Sheldon, the author of those interesting novels and all time favorites by the people around the globe?

I adore his books myself, in fact I read almost of his books from the first one he wrote, The Naked Face. The first book was not that sale success compared to the rest of the books he published but many readers adore the plot and the surprise twist at the end of the story. It was even brought soon into film. Through this book he earned as one top quality and nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writer of America in the category of Best First Novel. This novel was written over 30 years ago but its worth your time, you cannot even have the guts to put the book down.

The Other Side Of Midnight was the second novel he made, this time the book was featured as the number one on the New York Time best seller. The novel was about a woman who spends so many years to revenge the man of her dreams; he even wrote a part two of this novel entitled Memories of Midnight.

Determined and tough women are mostly the main character on his novel, women who were once betrayed, abused, over powered by men and turn out to be quoted that a woman can do anything once you measured her capacity, it is like once you hurt me, you would know the real me.

Actually all the books he published were marked excellent that when you started to read the first page you continuously turn the page over as if every page has its own thrill that makes you wonder what would be the next big thing to happen on the next page.

Among the novels he wrote would make us wonder who is Sidney Sheldon in real life, what motivates him to create exemplary stories that made his reader to chase the next creation.

Sidney Sheldon was born in Chicago Illinois and made his first poem at 10, which he earned $5. He tried his luck and went to Hollywood California wherein he serves as a reader of prospective film material at Universal Pictures for $22 a week. He was also a pilot during World War II in the army Air Force. After the war he went to New York and became a writer for Broadway, he re wrote the Merry Widow, Jackpot and Dream with music. His success in Broadway brought him back to Hollywood where he won as the best original screenplay in academy award when he wrote The Bachelor and Bobby Soxer.

He created the ever famous I Dreamed of Jeannie which shown only in T.V. that he eventually produced it. When the series ended on the year 1970 he decided to try his luck to write a novel where he became successful on the first book. It was followed by numbers of novel that made him popular as one of the bestseller list.

When he described a certain place on his novel, he made sure that he has been there so to preserve the authenticity of what he is writing, sometimes it would spend him one year to rewrite the certain novel.

I personally love his novel and it saddens me that the author I once admired has gone. He was died on January 30, 2007 for Pneumonia.

Listed below are the novels he wrote:

  • The Naked Face
  • The Other Side of Midnight
  • A Stranger in the Mirror
  • Bloodline
  • Rage of Angels
  • Master of the Game
  • If Tomorrow Comes
  • Windmills of the Gods
  • The Sands of Time
  • Memories of Midnight
  • The Doomsday Conspiracy
  • The Stars Shine Down
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Morning, Noon and Night
  • The Best Laid Plans
  • Tell Me Your Dreams
  • The Sky is Falling
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark
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