One Great Dad

Just want to share with you the story of a Dad and a son way back, this was the testimony of the priest who held the mass on Sunday during the Parents Day at school.

Every morning the son and the dad held each other’s hands while the father sent his son to the school. This was their usual morning; the dad will go to work right after he sends his son to the school.

One morning, the son told his father that they will going to have a Christmas Party on that day, since the son knew that his parents cannot afford to have the extra expenses since he had many siblings. He chooses to not telling his father about it, he thought to just attend the party and eat the “bihon” their teacher cook. His father was surprised and ask his son why he did not tell him about the party, the son answered “it was alright papa, our teacher invited us anyway to attend the party even I do not have a gift, she said we will just eat the “bihon” she prepared for us.

The father held the son’s hand so tight. When they crossed the street, they went straight to the store nearby school. The father asked his son what gift does he like to give. The son was surprised because although he said it is all right for him not to join the exchange gift in the class, deep inside of him wanted to, and he was so delighted that his Dad offered and will buy him a gift. The son pointed the “The orange Chicharon with the sugar in it” The father bought two cellophane though he only had two peso bill on his wallet, The store owner gave him a 75 cents for the change. The son saw her classmate inside the store wrapping her Hershey’s chocolate, as it was wrapped so beautifully his father notice his son looking at the gift.

Suddenly, the father asked the storeowner to give them an extra newspaper to wrapped the gift of his son and a tie box as the ribbon for his gift. The son was stunned because it was so big; he even thinks he had the biggest gift ever in the classroom, he was happy to join the exchange gift. And when the teacher announced who picked up his name, it was her classmate he saw in the store. The Hershey was all his, he jumped for joy and he thought to share it with his father. While he was enjoying his gift, he heard all so sudden the cry of one of his classmate; it was the classmate who picked his name. She got the chicharon! He even heard her cries “this chicharon was from our store, I don’t like the gift. She bangs the cellophane full of chicharon and was all scattered in the floor. His classmate and he ran towards the chicharon and ate the pieces.

The son awaits his father at night as he promised to himself, he will only share the goodies to his father, he surely will come at seven p.m. but to his disappointment, the father did not come until 9:00 p.m.

The son met the father in the doorway and asked “why didn’t you came home early pa, I waited for you.” The father answered “I walked nine kilometers from work to here, remember I have bought you, your gift so you could join the party?”

The son hugs his dad and said thank you!

The son became a priest and when he held the mass last Sunday, he was teary eyed while he told the story of his father and him. He remember his father as one great dad willing to sacrifice anything just for the sake of his son.

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