Her Letter

When I slowly the greeting card from my niece Mariel, I was surprised because inside was content a letter.

You may expect some touchy message from her but naahh! It was not at all because I found myself laughing so hard when I read every line of it. I shared it with sister Irenei and her Mom online, they were laughing so loud as well. Here is the letter:

Dear Mary Ann (See she didn’t said Ate Mary Ann, Grrr) Bow x’0

What will I tell? I cannot think of the exact words to say here. I could have given this to Mama but she is not here, so I have forced myself to give this letter to you! [hehehe Joke!] My handwritten is bad as well as the card. Grrr if only our teacher did not said that this should be a home made card I might not doing this. Come what may!

The only thing I could say is can you give me ten pesos today? So I can buy you a flower by tomorrow, will you give me? Wahhh Faith woke up smiling at me, uhmmm you would probably think that I was noisy in the room that’s why she woke up, but no! I was not. She just woke up all so sudden and smiling at me.

Uhmm I’ll be serious this time—–> when will we buy our Christmas Gift for our school party??? Hahaha!!! Just joking! this time I’ll be a little serious—–> I’ll be going to another Christmas Party on that afternoon, te will you allow me? Please Te? Promise ha? Hehehe!!! There’s more at the back, you must be tired now of reading this because I wrote so nonsense hehehe!

Anyway, te thank you for giving me baon, can you make an increase te? Co’z the fare is rising up going school. Joke! Joke! But if you would increase it te, it is all right with me. [LOL] but if not its still ok.

Thank you Te and Mommy Irenie too for giving me everything even though my Mama is not here, you were both there to support me all my needs. Although sometimes I forgot to say thank you for all your patience with me, I just so shy to express it. I feel it is so OA to tell you how I am thankful to have you care for me. Thanks for being the producer oopps sorry! For being the guardian always to me

I must stop now, this making me insane for my letter is too long already. You didn’t might understand the letter at all. Te, don’t show this to Mommy Irenie and Mama ok. “Bantay lang jud ka” till here.


You would laugh more if you read the letter in our dialect.
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  1. Kangaroo says:

    ahahaha..go Mariel go…labi na karon earning ulit si ate..bwahhahaha nice one girl..perti makalingaw!tagshhhhhh!

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