Domain And A Baby Blog

I finally decided to buy my own domain on this blog, after like how many hours of waiting and scrutinizing the domain to be able to work in my sphere. It is finally here! Thanks to Ms. Ivy she helped me figure out what was wrong with the domain I put here awhile ago, I cannot view the whole thing it was because I mess up with DNS setting. Lesson learn if you are not sure in a certain thing, then don’t touch anything or else you will mess up the whole thing. It is better to seek advise first before touching anything you are not familiar with.

So guys please change the URL of my blog from to, anyway you will be redirected to the site so just copy my URL in the browser.

On the other hand, while waiting for the domain to get ready. I have asked Ms. Ivy to make a new lay out for my baby blog entitled Mary Anne’s Musing and so she did it fast and before I before I knew the lay out is ready and it was installed as well. I did not put anything to it yet, but I will do it sooner so guys, friends, peeps if you have time please do visit my baby blog and add me as well too. Just leave me a message here if the necessary widgets are not install yet.

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3 Responses to “Domain And A Baby Blog”

  1. inday_adin says:

    I got yah! I already added ur new URL mommy Anne B! 🙂 Hope things are great on your side. Merry pasko!

  2. Mommy Elvz says:

    Wow Mommy ang dami mo ng blog 🙂

  3. anne says:

    Thank you Inday Adin, naks basta taga multiply abtik jud hehehe. To Mommy Elvz Thank you too, dami nga ewan ko lang kung ano isusulat ko hahahaa

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