I Supposed To Wrapped Their Gifts

I supposed to wrap the gifts that Terry sent the other week but I totally forgot about it. I was hooked up with my new blog with the new lay out. I started to add my blogger friends in my blog list although I have not finished it yet.

I promised to finish it hopefully by the day after tomorrow, since I will be buying some foods for the Noche Buena. I do not like to rush in this 24th because for sure it will be crowded already in the mall.

I hope to wrap the gift for the kids when I get home. I hope I will not get busy since I should take extra careful to hide myself while wrapping the gift. I don’t want to spoil the moment this Christmas Eve.

I am sure the kids will be delighted to receive their gifts from their Tito Terry and Mj will be surprised with her new game from Daddy. She was asking a million times if the packages were already arrived and I said it didn’t yet. I sometimes caught by my own words but I was able to still hide and said I still have to get it from fed ex.

Mj was suspicious it is because she is so excited what she will get this Christmas. And I hope Faith will going to have fun with her new toy inside the box.

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