I Got The Maximum 300 Ec Drop

Yup, last night I really took time to drop 300 EC sites, hoping my real rank will get better. They said when you drop the maximum of 300 Entrecard; your real rank will get lower.

So since, It was 4,301 the other night, I was hoping it would bet around 3,900 at least, but to my disappointment it was 5,987. I am not sure if that is the correct score. Does the ec drop really help with my real rank? If I drop a maximum of 300 which way does it move? Should my score lower or higher?

Is the 5,987 are all right or not? I just bought a domain on this blog, would that affect my real rank since the page is redirected to the new domain? They did not change my URL in Payperpost, does that matters?

Any suggestions folks regarding this matter? [LOL] Sometimes this thing really confused me [Aaargghh]

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2 Responses to “I Got The Maximum 300 Ec Drop”

  1. Gee says:

    Anne…nag change ko og url sa paying post…nawala ako rank….wahhhh…maybe, it’s a YES, it’ll get affected…Dunno ha, but my rank became 0…or maybe it’s a different issue…lolz

  2. Hazelicious929 says:

    honestly girl, I have no idea about rankings until i found that page rank will help you get more opportunities… Goodluck!

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