A Get Together

We were not complete but we still enjoy the night

They got beer, I ordered rice hehehe

I gained so many friends in the call floor way back when I was working as a call center agent yet and I do miss each of them. That whenever they invite me of any gathering I would surely come though that means I cannot get any OPP. To have got together with my previous workmate happens only so seldom.

I was indeed so late when I arrive at the meeting place because I woke up late from my afternoon nap, and that I have to ring Terry so he would know I will be going somewhere with my friends. Kay Kay and Ms. Haidee waited for me outside in Calle 5 restaurant located in F. Torres St., when we saw each other I feel like I saw the old Mary Ann with them except that this time, I don’t have to call in late or sick at work so to enjoy the night with them.

Thanks to Ms. Haidee because she did not forgot to invite me with this gathering although I am not already a part of the call floor peeps.

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