She Was Raised Not To Need Men

I do really like her beauty a lot, other’s said that Anne Curtis is prettier than she I am not against with Anne Curtis and whoever would get the crown of being the most beautiful girl in Philippine Showbiz. I hope it won’t intrigue or as the source of commotion between this goddess as what they were being called.

Anyway, I just recently read the interview of KC in Cosmopolitan Magazine and I was impressed of how she quoted “I was raised not to need men” as you all know, she was being categorized as a secret bitch. She was rumored as a girlfriend of many. During her interview she pointed out about this negative review and said I have my own life and they know I can survive without a guy, so when I make the decision that I want to be spending a lot time with you, it means a lot to me. Because I was raised not to need men as much as most women actually do.”

So why this thing ever stoned to KC as such when she is not. Well, it is definitely because she got the spot light and everyone want to put her down. I have watched her first movie and yes, I must admit that she was not that expert yet when it comes to acting but come on even she is the daughter of Megastar Sharon she is still a neophyte with scenes and all.

It has been said she is going to make a film with Richard Gutierrez again, uhmmm I hope they would look for another else to tandem with KC so the viewer won’t get fed up, of watching her movie. I mean there are still actors whose good looking and best when it comes to acting than Richard to partner with her. So why not give them a chance? Who knows they would click.

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3 Responses to “She Was Raised Not To Need Men”

  1. inday_adin says:

    I think she is very pretty! A good combo from Showie and Gabby! Well, when you are a blooming star and are succesful, people tend to make rumors about you and let you down. It only means she is very popular that they wanna know more about her and things she’s done. hehehe.. Nice one mommy Anne B. I like her!

  2. Allen's Darling says:

    Hi anne

    Shes a gem. A very talented one. I heard a rumor that KC is one of highest paid earning in blogging industry i wish i know her blog too. But i can’t reasearch it actually is still remain anonymous to us everybody. But she is doing blog since blogging is started. That’s all i’ve heard about her. She’s is really something talaga. I guess maganda naman acting niya dun sa first movie niya. And their Mom and Mom of Richard get along well in showbiz bizniz of course. Richard G. will never use her name because they are good friends behind scene too. I supposed lang ha…hahahaa

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    i like KC concepcion… She’s the IT girl!