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Thank You My EC Droppers

First and foremost I would like to apologize if ever I was not able to say thank you to all my EC droppers this past few months. I think the busy thing would not be an excuse to even say a single word of compliment to those who strive hard to drop EC on this site. Since I can actually do that once a month

I just got lazy and that was it! And for that I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart. Now, let me have this opportunity to say thank you very much to all bloggers who never get tired of dropping EC here, specially to Mommy Gen who got the top and more clicks.

Wonderful Things In Life
My Sweet Haven ———————————>21
My Life’s Adventure ——————————>19
Little Rock Jams ———————————->19
The Joy Of Life Forever —————————>19
ENTRECARD ————————————->17
A Message From My Heart ————————>16
Makes You Laugh ———————————>16
Reveries of SimplyJacy —————————->16
Parental Instincts ———————————>14

And to all bloggers who got the chance to visit this blog, thank you very much!

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Don’t Let This Thing Happen On Your Wedding Day

Ok, anything can happen during wedding day, the bride might suddenly felt butterflies on her tummy that causes her to have LBM just before the ceremony. Or you might pee on the spur of the moment just when the ceremony starts.

How about if you were dump in a pond right on your special day? What will you do?

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