My Blog Was Accepted

My ultimate reason why I have this blog change its lay out and get its own domain was because I want to join the Payu2blog paid site.

It was last year of December that I tried my luck and submitted this blog on the said paid site. I waited for almost two weeks and was almost feel hopeless when I get no response. While chatting with Terry last January 01, 2009 I suddenly received a new message in my Inbox. I hurriedly open it and was so surprised that my blog was accepted in Payu2blog.

And this morning I received an email from them of my password and all so I can log in immediately. I was so happy to be part in Payu2blog team and I am looking forward to have a harmonious relationship with them.

Thank you Margie and Payu2blog for accepting this blog and letting me a part in your team.

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7 Responses to “My Blog Was Accepted”

  1. Hazelicious929 says:

    Hello Anne! I have been submitting my blog before too. You think now that I have my own domain, they will accept and approve my blog? I hope so too…

    Take care and Congratulations!

  2. FickleMinded says:

    I can totally relate with you, I just received an email today too from Margie with my log in info. I’m so happy ro be accepted.good luck to us! 🙂

  3. momgen says:

    Oh nadawat na siya wow worth gyd na diha sa payu Anne.

  4. Vhiel says:

    congrats ann… blogging for them is much easier than any other site… and you dont have to sit on your computer all day waiting for opps.. they give it to you on regular basis…

    goodluck in making money.. they pay every 2 weeks also.. which is great.

  5. jHeLea says:

    congrats girl….

  6. anne says:

    thanks for the comments girl for hazelicious I will answer u in your blog hehehe

  7. Kangaroo says:

    hala congrats girl!panalo itowww!

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