One Good Experience

Sister Irenie is a dealer of anything you could think of, be it with AVON, Natasha, Boardwalk and MSE. It has been a week now that she keeps on telling me of their upcoming party and their presentation. Recently, she asked me to go with her and that she will just buy a ticket for her so to at least I could take a picture of her while she dances with the tune of Angelina.

Their theme is retro so their costumes were from the yesteryears and their presentation as well. I was having fun with their game show entitled bill or no bill, it was a copy cat of deal or no deal only the 26k became the 14k and instead of the sexy pretty girls were holding the brief case they replace it with males dressing like a sexy girls, carrying the paper bags of MSE. Their names were somewhat similar to dogs like poodle, k29 and the like.

The game show ended with 50 pesos in the paper bag the contestant choose. Not bad after all at least she got a 50 pesos enough to go in Calinan [LOL] On the other hand, I was amazed with the dance troupe they hired for the show. They got the talent of executing a very hard dance steps. They call themselves The Alta Dancer. They’re young, talented and so active. I hope they will be compensated high enough equaled to the performance they showed to us.

And the most awaited presentation of Sister Irenie groups was called just before dinnertime. It was so wrong timing coz my camera went on and off every time I tried to video tapes their dance. Good thing that the daughter of one member thought to record their dance so I will just copy it from their camera.

And guess what? Just before we went home. They called my number and said I won a brand new Rice Cooker. Isn’t it great? So the thought of going with my sister apparently the right decision yesterday.

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