Dyosa Has Ended

I had been following this fantasy series from the very beginning it was aired in TV. There is something in it that it keep me watching although there are night that I was not able to do so but as soon if I noticed that the series already starts in prime time. I just can’t help to stand up from the computer and go to the living room to take a peep at least.

I like Anne’s beauty it is so undeniably princesses like, no wonder that ABS-CBN choose her to take the lead role. And let’s admit that ever since she transferred from the other network, her acting improves a lot, she was able to give justice whatever role that was offered to her and with that, it made her to be the best actress during Manila Film Festival for the movie entitled Baler.

I am no against with other network peace to the avid fan, in fact I also watch some of their show so if my post pisses you off, I am sorry. Anyway back to the show, I almost forgot to watch the very final episode last night, good thing that Sister Irenei went home early and she open the TV immediately. It was then I realized that the Dyosa already started, so I just left the computer in a while and went to the living room to join them.

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3 Responses to “Dyosa Has Ended”

  1. Anna Aron says:

    i like anne too…

  2. anne says:

    hehehe nd siya maarte noh?

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    Hello Anne! I like watching it too. But I only watch it over the internet and I didnt watch it since we went back to Kentucky and back here in North Dakota. I guess I will just have to wait when its on DVD hehehe

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