One Unforgettable Dream

It’s been awhile now that I haven’t dreaming of my Father, I don’t know why? But mostly I dreamed of him before when I was so so so down. Anyhow I missed him though, and the homily today reminds me of my dream with him before. Justify Full
In my dream God invited children who were not able to see their parents for a long long time. God sent us an invitation to inform us of the venue and all that. Of course! I went over, I want to see my parents whom I never had a chance to be with when I was growing up because they left for heaven. When I was in my grade school, I always want to have my Dad and Mom around and I am so envious with other children who had parents to come on stage every recognition day. Wouldn’t you believed that I just picked up my classmate to pin me the ribbon I got from one of my subject on stage. It was not my sister’s fault though I just choose not to tell them that I got an award for that day. But when I saw parents with their kids on stage, I cannot help to feel emptiness inside me. How I wish to have parents on that day.

On the other hand, while the in charge was telling the others where to sit. I saw this man sitting on the other side. The in charge told me to sit on the left side because the parents who would come will be sitting on the other side where the man I was able to recognize in a latter time sits. But his image change a lot from the last time I saw him, he used to have a clean cut with no goatee. And on that day, he got his hairs long passed the collar and he got a little hair under his lower lip.

I hurriedly went to him and said, ” I think I know you” he slowly glanced at my side and voila! I was right! He is my father, I stared at his eyes, and those eyes look exactly mine. He hugs me right away and told me that he misses me so bad. I cannot say even a single word, I burst myself in tears, it took us a few minutes before we could talk, and he asked me if I want to see my Mom.

Then we went to a place where you could only see green grass and I think we can just do a tiptoe to reach the sky. He pointed Mom and said “your Mom misses you too but she is a little disappointed because she cannot reach you. Then, my dream stopped.

My Mom’s body has been place to a big cross in our province together with those remains, which was also unclaimed. Nobody was able to inform us that the local government in our province had released a notification that we should get the remains in the cemetery where Mom’s body lie. If I did not come over to that province to get my birth certificate, we still didn’t know it until now. But it was too late because she has been mixed with others in that big cross too many years ago. Maybe that explains why she was a little disappointed. We are still planning what things to be done, they said that we will just find anything from her before perhaps an old picture of her, I don’t know.

Even though I just got a few minutes being with Dad, I was still thankful that GOD allowed me to have a moment with him even it was only in my dream.

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2 Responses to “One Unforgettable Dream”

  1. Hazelicious929 says:

    oh how touching! I miss my father too. His only goal is to see his kids finish college and he wasn’t able to see that. But I wish he is happy for me for where I am now.

  2. anne says:

    same here haze, haay life

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