The Bed Time Stories

It was fantastically made, I should say.

When I got home from the so called aerobic session I thought to drop in the internet cafe thinking Terry would be online early for work. But I didn’t know that it is Martin Luther King Day today and that they don’t had work.

I was worried a bit because he usually gets online early before he goes to work, so when I arrived home, I turn on the computer and buzzing him right away. He messages me then on my SMS window that he will be turning the computer in a minute. He just woke up, he informed me immediately about the holiday today.

But Faith was struggling with the food when sister Merlyn trying to feed her for dinner. I have to come over to help and have Faith divert her attention so she would not mind the food in her mouth. She was choking and trying to throw her food from her mouth before I came in. Every time she tasted the viand it made her shiver, she might not like the taste of it anyhow the reason why she kept on glancing and squirming all over.

I came back to chat with Terry when Faith was already settled, Sister Merlyn will only have to let her sleep so I was free chatting with Terry. He sends me a link when she saw me sitting already in front of the computer and when I open it. It was the movie that I longed to watch, the bed time stories of Adam Sandler. Yes, you heard it right and I just watched it only here in my beloved computer.

Thanks to honey because I don’t have to fall in line or pay to the cinema just to watch it. Why should I? While it’s absolutely free here! [LOL]

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2 Responses to “The Bed Time Stories”

  1. momgen says:

    We watch once in a while in my computer or in my hubby’s computer since our TV was broken my our son. We have netflix and we can watch it instantly. Good for you girl…Thanks for always commenting my bloggie heheh…

  2. Gee says:

    Correct..hehe….I like adam…he’s so funny

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