Make It A Habit To Read With Your Kids

Reading books need not be boring or limited in schools. Buy some books and have time to read it with your kids. In that way it would help your kids to nourish their brain and get to discover more for their excellent future:

Brain Quest Bedtime: If I have extra money before from my salary, I always hunt for books for Mj, she seems enjoying especially when she colors it. I asked her sometimes what color should be put in that image and she can easily remember it. I sometimes bought her cards full-color containing stories, poem and riddles; we were not only enjoying rhyming and telling stories yet we also had fun spending the quality time together.

Teach children to express themselves: Words are not hurting when you teach them how to express with polite words. These would encourage the kids to express what they feel and speak up politely and these would help them understand how words affect their communication with the people around them.

Buy books with innovative learning techniques: In that way, you can help your child in how to classify and to identifies alphabet, numbers colors and shape.

Enjoy your quality time with your kids!

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