Be Right Back Hon

I went for grocery shopping this late afternoon after I took a two hours nap. It was a bit late when I arrived home, I open my computer right away when I saw already a miss call from Terry. I think he has been calling me on my way to home.

Mariel has been telling me though about the love story in the TV that I did not give attention at first but they keep on laughing at it. So I decided to take a peep while the computer still in the process to log on.

Well, it was indeed a very nice one; it’s about a woman whose longing for a true love to come in spite of what her size. She has been looking for it but often times she is a failure, until she met Jake, a taxi driver who don’t see her as the fatty obese woman but a person who have a good heart and a very sweet one.

I went back to the computer to finally log in to my YM but I heard the giggling conversation of them in the TV and it made me tell Terry “Hon be right back, I just have to watch the very interesting love story in the TV. Honey as the very understanding man I ever met in my entire life just said “Ok Hon, I’ll be right here waiting”

Even though he has been waiting for me online from the time he woke up and called me on my way home, he still have patience to wait for me and chat with me until I finish the segment in the TV or even I am cooking or even bathing Faith or even during meal time. Terry never loses his patience to wait his darling wife-to-be.

The love story ended up with Jake propose Arlene in the restaurant, Jake never give up on Arlene despite of the things that happen to them, he never give up even though people are antagonizing and mocking her because of her size, he never give up because he seen Arlene as a woman who deserved to be love and be taken cared of.

Like us, Like Arlene and Jake I believe that God has preserved a lifetime partner for us and that we just have to wait for the right time.

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2 Responses to “Be Right Back Hon”

  1. Gee says:

    hehe…nag tan aw pod ko ani anne…bongga kaau c frenchie

  2. anne says:

    mao jud girl nindot noh?

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