I Need To Know

It has been a while now that I haven’t buy a CD movie, I am sure the kids are missing it. I used to only rent before but since the nearest video house I usually went for renting movies was close, I have no choice but to buy one in a movie shop.

Yesterday, after I went for shopping I thought to buy a love story movie but I was able to glance at this tape, which surely MJ and the family will ever love. You know, we’re so into Barbie and we watched almost all the episode of it.

I personally like the way they sing and the oh so feminine but adventurous moves of the princesses. This morning just when we woke up, my eldest daughter hurriedly played the tape and everyone of us can’t get off our eyes in the monitor, well Faith likes the singing part, she seems enjoying the voice of Ro.

Here’s one of her song:

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