Mom Where’s My Spaghetti?

Mj was so excited with her small blast at school, the reason why she kept on asking me what time would I go there to send packs of spaghetti and the piece of cake. On the other hand, just when I was about to wake up, my little love bug suddenly open her eyes and greeted me with her warm smile.

The spaghetti was cook through the courtesy of my brother-in-law, I just need to mix the sauce to the pasta and put the share in the pack lunch. But I can’t get it done when Faith was roaming around the corner without a bath yet. I was preparing her water when I found she was busy with our empty dispenser and push the other one away to put the shoe of her Ate Mj on the other damage rice bin. The one that she pushed has a little bit of rice, and it spread in the floor, she was smiling at her content while looking at that tiny rice. I went to her and pick those up as the best as I could and carry her to her bathtub.

When I was done bathing her, I gave her to sister so I could start with the packing and putting the snacks in the pack lunch. It was nine a.m. when we finish it and yet I have to buy a disposable fork for the snacks, I was crossing my finger that I could still catch them on time but I was not able to reach the schedule. Mj was a little bit worried because I did not let her bring any snacks and her food for lunch. She was expecting me to arrive just before 9:00 a.m. she thought to message me on the phone to ask me where am I?

I arrived at the school at 10:00 a.m. good thing that the teacher still gave me a way to distribute the pack lunch, well she had to, because I included her and her co teachers for the snacks.

Whew! Today was indeed a long day for me.

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2 Responses to “Mom Where’s My Spaghetti?”

  1. jHeLea says:

    super Mom jud ka girl….job well done!!!

  2. anne says:

    salamat girl hehehe grabe pagka busy

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