Surviving Ambush Conversations

Have you ever experienced to be caught off guard in a conversation with someone whose name you totally forgot? [LOL] I experienced it myself when I was in college, me and my best friend were hanging out together when suddenly I saw this guy who also my classmate in one of my subject. He called me and I automatically gave him a blunt look and when I started to ignore him, he approached us and asked me “Mary Ann, are you done with our assignment” Lol he knows my name and abruptly I responded to him and said “Oh yeah, anyway this is my friend Janeth and net this is Michael.”

Then he gave me, a surprising look and responded right away and said “Whose that Michael in your life?” [Tagang, so his name is not Michael] My best friend beside me kept on laughing and told me “that’s why you kept on ignoring him” I chuckled and said alright and asked the guy “what is your name again?”

Well, actually I still keep on forgetting his name so whenever I saw him on the street I will just call him “classmate” [Hehehe] I know it’s embarrassing when you are caught off guard mine was not that much, since my best friend was around and just made the scene a joke. But in my part, I feel very disgusting.

Here’s one tip to be more effective on how to escape this mortifying experience:

When you find yourself in these sticky sitches, do not make a lame witty excuse and just politely admit that you actually forgot the name of that friend, say sorry and simply ask the name of the person again. In that way, you would not be experiencing what I experienced way back; I tell you I was feeling like in a hot seat with a lot of fires around.

If you are with people who speak jargon filled languages then do not act like you also know that and all. Just tell the person that you don’t know about the subject but interested to hear more of his/her thoughts.

That’s simple! Just be yourself and be not embarrassed like me. [Hahaha]

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6 Responses to “Surviving Ambush Conversations”

  1. Amor says:

    Hello Ann,ako kay mo ingon gyd ko nya na excuse me kaila ko nmo pero kalimot lng ko sa pangalan if ever mahitabo na nako 🙂

    By the way girl,I’m done with your tag,thanks.

  2. anne says:

    hehehe ambot pud ato niya girl makalimot jud ko sa iya name hahaha pagka na lang oi thnak you sa pag post sa tag ha?

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    hahaha nag know-the-name man ka Anne nakatawa jud ko nimu. Ako kay I will ask the person’s name para dili embarrassing…

  4. anne says:

    Mao lagi haze pero naa sad ko tactic tung una unsaon nako pag kaila sa kaestorya nako, ako atik atik na tan awon iyang id hahaha

  5. anne says:

    Hi fidelity thanks for visiting here too, I am fine thank you girl

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