A Sad Day

Terry is supposed to be here next week on our two love bug’s birthday party but today he told me a sad news from his father, saying his father is in the hospital right now and will undergo operation.

Al though he doesn’t want to moved his flight but he had to so in case he will be needing his presence anytime next month, he could go to Florida where his father resides immediately. I am so sad knowing that he can’t attend his daughters’ birthday party not to mention that it’s the first birthday of our little monster. But I have also to understand the situation he has for now and support him on his decision, more than anything his father need extra care from his children.

On the other hand, he promised me that he still could go here later on February or early March and he will surprise us to a place we haven’t been yet. I was having doubts though because that would be another expenses and to the fact, we still have a wedding that we need to prioritize at this time. We will need enough money for that and I can’t afford for him to spend extra money for his upcoming vacation with us just to make up for the kids and me. To see him and be with him would be enough for me even there’s no fancy places to go or things to have.

To my father-in-law soon, get very well soon and we are looking forward to see you in Florida with the kids, Mj and Faith will be delighted to see you!

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4 Responses to “A Sad Day”

  1. Mom of Four says:

    I am sorry to her about your soon to be father-in-law’s condition. I hope he does good with his surgery. Life is sometimes like that, need to do some sacrifices. Don’t worry, Faith and MJ will still have a lot of birthdays and their Dad will be able to attend to those. Their lolo only has limited time in this world.

  2. anne says:

    I agree with that girl that’s why I did not insist Terry to be here on faith’s bday.

  3. inday_adin says:

    We are sorry to hear that mommy Anne B. Hope he will be okay. So when are you guys coming to US?

  4. anne says:

    Ngek sus next year pa siguro day adin oi kay diri na lang man mi pakasal or ok lang man sad dinhi mi basta uban lang

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