Snow in Maryland For Mary Ann And The Kids

The most awaited snow video for this year had finally come; Terry just like last year sent us a snow video at work. When he notice that it snowed outside in their office, he hurriedly went to the nearest window and video tape it through her cell phone.

This time was taken at home right after his work and the digital camera that he used was the camera he will give to me once he is here on the next vacation.

I love watching it and hearing his voice is a bonus! He was sorry for the yuck voice though but for me it was like the voice of an angel telling me about the snow, the mini forest beside his house, and the street in front.

I do like snow but wherever God will be putting us even on the top of Timbuktu, that won’t really matter to me at all, more important is that we live together and that the kids can see him and bond with him anytime.

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2 Responses to “Snow in Maryland For Mary Ann And The Kids”

  1. Gee says:

    hala ka Anne noh…mingaw man dri…jutay ra balay..hehe…brrr…katugnaw

  2. anne says:

    hehehehe mao jud girl pero bisan asa oi basta kauban lang