The Vampire Fish

Terry teases me always about vampire’s sardines, that we should avoid letting Faith to eat sardines because she might transform to a baby vampire sardines. He is just kidding you know, adding and putting the words together so it would create some rhymes.
But today, he asked me suddenly if I known a vampire fish. I thought of piranha or sharks but he said none of the two. And he then send me a link about this bloodsucking fish in Amazon called Candiru.

It said that candiru’s habit are enough to make anyone squirm. The Candiru feeds parasitically by burrowing into body orifices then drinking the blood of its victim. It detect urine in the water to find a host. It can lodge itself into the urethra, the tube inside the penis. Barbs along its side it in place. Removing one without surgery is almost impossible.

This new fish is about 25 mm long and feeds off larger fish by swimming into their gill slits and sucking their blood.

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5 Responses to “The Vampire Fish”

  1. eden says:

    oh… sa name nalang daan kuyawan nako..hehhe.. mora ug more dangerous ni kay sa piranha..


  2. Hazelicious929 says:

    hahaha dont feed your baby sardines girl, baho baya na ang sardines hehehe baby pa baya na si faith hehehe

    I like Spanish Sardines!

  3. anne says:

    thanks for bloghopping grace

  4. anne says:

    dangerous pa jud sa piranha girl, abi gani nako nag binuang lang si Terry hehehe