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My Faith and Mj’s Birthday Party

Hi guys! I was too busy yesterday as it was the birthday party of Faith, my apology if I did not post the event yesterday. I was too exhausted and I cannot think of anything what to post here. I was not even chatted Terry yesterday morning because we have to get ready to go to church at least before lunch.

When we went home, everyone was so busy. The visitors would be here at lunch and it was already 11:30 a.m. the roasted pig still was not here yet. The reason why I have set the party start at lunch because some of my friends from CCT would be here soon, they did not have sleep and yet they went over here straight from log out and one of them still has to work at night. Although the rest of them would be their night off tonight I still have to consider the fact that the time, which was supposedly their hour to get rest, was spend here to celebrate with us. Thank God that the roasted pig came just on time.

They sang a birthday song first Mj was not there because she was busy inviting some friends around, as you can see the number 08 in the cake was put behind and number o1 was put in front. Well Mj has her song already at school though, so I guess that was all right with her.

Faith did not like to be the center of attraction at all, she was so shy when our visitors keep on looking at her expect her to hug tight and never look around.

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