Just Being Silly Here

The song “You Changed My Life” has been reverberating in my mind for one week now and I got more inspired when I saw the video of that song, last Saturday, I open my You Tube account and search for it, so I could blog it here.

But to copy paste the video of that alone did not satisfied me after all, [Hahaha] Instead I grabbed my digital camera and video myself toinks! with that song. Anyway, just don’t open it when you don’t feel like it. I got nothing else to do here, so bear with me {LOL}

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9 Responses to “Just Being Silly Here”

  1. momgen says:

    hehheeh maayo man pod ka moacting diha Anne naenjoy kog tan-aw kangisi tawon ko wa nakatulog oy hangtod ron…

  2. Twerlyn says:

    makalingaw man d-i ka anne oi..jokeron ba..like it!

  3. Mom of Four says:

    Tita Anne, bigay na bigay ka ah, parang feel na feel mo ang kanta, at sobrang in love ka. I like that song too. Papanoorin ko yang movie na yan, part 2 yata yan ng My very special Love.

  4. anne says:

    lagi girl moacting lang hahahahha wala may mabuhat gud lol

  5. anne says:

    Hi twerl ay oo kau mao ra jud ni atong panlaban sa kalibutan nga naghilak tungod sa economy crisis haay life hehehe

  6. anne says:

    Hi liza yup part 2 siya ng my very special love ang ganda nga eh i sure would watch it too, cant wait hehehe

  7. inday_adin says:

    hehehe feel na feel kaayo nimo ang song mommy Anne B da.. hehehe.. way you go!

  8. chubskulit says:

    silly indeed hehehe.. ur a reat singer though hehehe..

  9. anne says:

    hehehe walay lingaw mommy A mao na kanta na lang ta lol

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