Lunch And Review

Whew! I got a long day yesterday, first I have to go to MJ to check if she already ate her lunch, actually she has been good since yesterday she finish her lunch, even without me, she said the egg that she brought was tastefully yummy.

At lunch yesterday, I found her with her classmate at the bench outside their classroom, she was holding her lunch pack and as soon as I approached her she showed me right away her empty container. As a reward of her good deeds I gave her a piece of chocolate donut from Dunkin Donut when I return at school from getting the money for their tuition fee.

Since it was already dismissal from their class, we both waited for her motor pool to arrive and went home together. I told her to change her clothes so we could review. Were done the English subjects, so we concentrated on her Filipino and Christian Living for that would be the subject they will go to take on today.

In a while, when she’s already here from school, I am sure we will be busy again reviewing her other subjects like History and Math. So that was my reason and would be my reason why I was not able and will not be able in case I can’t update my blog later tonight. I wish you all a a happy Thursday. Keep smiling!

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2 Responses to “Lunch And Review”

  1. Twerlyn says:

    super mom man ikaw Anne oi..

    same lagi tag anak ba..duha ka girls..brown and white ..perfect combination. =)

  2. chubskulit says:

    Goodluck MJ..

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