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New Lay Out!

Caution: This is a late post! [LOL]

Faith has a new lay out just before her birthday on February 08. I contacted Ivy of The Designer’s Chic that I was ready to let go of the previous lay out of my little monster and get a new one.

She first showed me those two cute girls in the header, the other one in the swing is of course my very own Faith and the other one is my eldest daughter MJ. I told Ivy to make it two girls since both were close. Mj sometimes watching after Faith in the living room and played with her while I am doing something in the kitchen, so that explains the header, while Faith is enjoying her swing, Mj was there watching her while reading her favorite fantasy book.

Visit the site so you would see the beauty and the cuteness of the new template and witness as well the everyday activity of my beloved little love bug Faith.

Oh by the way, Faith little house of fun was change to Faith’s Little World Of Fun as suggested to match the header.

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They Got PR Good For Them

My two lovely daughters got their PR back just recently. I noticed The Adventures of Mj got hers last week when I tried to check it with Google Page Rank Button. I was pleased and so happy to see that green move from zero to two I have shown it to MJ though she doesn’t understand what does it mean was so amused with her rank and said thank you Mom! huh?

Now, when I posted a new milestone for Faith’s Little World of Fun, my eyes almost bulge out! Faith also got a PR of two. I could not believe it but good for them though, how I wish to get my PR back too but I guess you cannot have everything in the same time. As they said patience is a virtue, but you know what I think? My little home and Mary Anne’s Musing should be the one getting those PR, because one way or the other those blogs were intended for milestones and adventures while the other two blogs are for monetizing.

Where is the justice here? Well maybe it’s on the other side of that planet.

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Disconnected Over And Over Again

The crappy things happen again with my Internet connection, oh when would this suffering and sacrifices stop! Usually when I called for help from customer service and could not settle the problem right there and then, they would immediately suggest to have their technician send away.

But this morning I encountered the unusual response from one of their agent, she keep on telling me to do this and that, like to stop the anti virus and the firewall, unplugging and plugging so many times the adapter from the electrical outlet and let me wait for another 30 minutes for she has to do this and that. I already told her that the issue maybe was in my antennae since it was move the other month with the technician they sent me and I told her a lot of times that my connection was on and off, so with her instruction alone could not settle the issue.

I know she was just trying to help me but dear Lord I already asked her of a technician to get here, so whatever the issue would be fix properly. I really wanted all my might to transfer to another network but they also kept on telling me that it is still in process not to mention that I had been making a follow up to their office a hundred times now.

And guess what? I just got disconnection a while ago and I am sure I would be disconnected again in a moment or so. [Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh] Give me a break!

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I Found Him There

Maybe some of you, knows where and how Terry and I met each other as I joined sometime ago a love story contest here in blogsphere. My story was not picked up as the top but I am confident that some of you like it.

Like some other courtship, it was not an easy process as we have to consider some other things first, its either his feeling was true and so was I. But later on I realize it was only me who took the courtship long and it was me who don’t trust at all. You could not also blame me because I have hurt and wounded so deep caused by a man whom I thought was my knight in shining armor.

But Terry changes my perception about commitment and love because he showed me what true love is, definitely the genuine one. From then on, nobody could ever separate us though miles apart, our love continues and has proven everything and yes I am proud I found him in one of those sites.

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