Disconnected Over And Over Again

The crappy things happen again with my Internet connection, oh when would this suffering and sacrifices stop! Usually when I called for help from customer service and could not settle the problem right there and then, they would immediately suggest to have their technician send away.

But this morning I encountered the unusual response from one of their agent, she keep on telling me to do this and that, like to stop the anti virus and the firewall, unplugging and plugging so many times the adapter from the electrical outlet and let me wait for another 30 minutes for she has to do this and that. I already told her that the issue maybe was in my antennae since it was move the other month with the technician they sent me and I told her a lot of times that my connection was on and off, so with her instruction alone could not settle the issue.

I know she was just trying to help me but dear Lord I already asked her of a technician to get here, so whatever the issue would be fix properly. I really wanted all my might to transfer to another network but they also kept on telling me that it is still in process not to mention that I had been making a follow up to their office a hundred times now.

And guess what? I just got disconnection a while ago and I am sure I would be disconnected again in a moment or so. [Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh] Give me a break!

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