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Watch Out Your Word

“If you want wanna look like Boy Abunda go to Dr. Calayan but if you wanna look like Dingdong Dantes or Piolo Pascual come to Belo”

That statement was very shocking and offensive from a cosmetic surgeon, like Dra. Vicky Belo even though she said at the latter part that it was only a joke, the one involved with the statement would surely hurt.

Belo Medical Groups has been established for so many years and if it is true that the other competitor was imitating her strategy, she should not feel badly about it if she likes then she should change of whatever her strategy is, but to comment like that to the one of the endorser of Calayans should not be a tool just to make a buzz, unquestionably Boy Abunda would feel insulted and emotionally injured.

Well, life must move on and this kind of issue should be fix sooner, I mean they are both in the field where everyone looks up to and it’s not healthy for both of them to throw some undignified words. Dra. Vicky Belo said her piece and was sorry about it and everybody seems to be affected specially the people in Boy Abunda’s side including Dr. Calayan. Everyone commit mistakes right? So I think its time for Boy to settle the issue with Belo and let bygones be bygones anyhow, Dra. Vicky Belo did not strikingly say that Boy is ugly. [Hehehe]

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Make Up And The Like

Since I posted here the other day my first trial make up with the other artist, let me share the pictures taken yesterday when I had my second trial make up.

For me, she has done a nice job; we just have to work out the chest portion to match the color of my face and also the shoulder.

Dhemcy of My Life’s and Inspiration suggested a certain style for a hair; it was somewhat curly, nice and unique. The artist was not able to copy the whole stuff I guess, but oh well nothing is perfect.

If you had visited my Mary Anne’s Musing site, you would be able to distinguish which one has done the best piece. Anyway, since I am only looking for the not so expensive price, what do you think should I choose?

Trial Make Up

Now she is starting with the hair

Striking the best smile

With a cute pose [Hehehe]

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