Keep Us Warm

I haven’t got out this past few days because of the heavy rains that keep on pouring every now and then. The weather made me so slow, and all I wanted to do is to just cuddle in bed and sleep. But sometimes I was awaken with so much cold that I still have to grab a regular blanket to cover myself so to make me warm.Well I think it is colder in the other part of the world, Terry sometimes is complaining about it. Good thing he has electric blanket he can depend on during winter days. Actually he has two so if ever we will pursue the plan to stay there for good, we had two blankets to share upon, the other one would be for the kids and the other one would be for us.

On the second thought, we might buy some more so we could have replacements if the other two need to be wash. Definitely, we would buy for it in cozy winters because they had the safest low voltage for such and they are also offering free shipping which is more advantage for us, with the economy crisis getting worst today, this would help us to save more money.


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  1. Bill says:

    i am glad the weather is starting to warm up here in Arizona and soon summer will be here. Have a great weekend Anne.

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