So Full

I have runny nose today and I planned not to go out or go to church, so I went to bed this afternoon to take my nap. I woke up with Faith’s mimicking cry in the crib, that was so unusual for her not to get up right away, so I checked on her if she was hurt or something. She held her sheet so tight while crying with eyes closed. It was raining so hard at that time that made her not to move, she was so scared to open her eyes.

So I carried her with her holding me so tight, I put her to bed with me then suddenly the rain stops. We played a little while then and we got up to join Ate Mj and Sister Merlyn in the kitchen. It was quarter of four p.m. at that time when I thought we wouldn’t be late if we prepare ourselves to go to church.

After hearing mass, Sister Merlyn recommended a restaurant nears the church and near at where we are residing. We headed to a restaurant which catfish is their specialty. And it was superb! Their deep fry catfish was absolutely great! No wonder they have a lot of customers who comes in and go to have a taste of their deep fry or grilled catfish and Sister Merlyn said the restaurant is getting big. It is a big success to the owner who is not married yet. I bet many single guys are courting her because she does not only have the looks but she is a successful entrepreneur too.

Anyway we got Faith a soup to pair with her rice and three of us have the catfish and rice too. I also let Faith taste the catfish and I guess she like it also because she did not squirm and did not made extra movement when we put her in the table.

We went home with our stomach contented with the food they served. Burp! (Ooppss excuse)

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4 Responses to “So Full”

  1. djtammy says:

    Bonding time with kids pla yesterday. How is your runny rose??hehehe

    get well soon Ate Ane

  2. momgen says:

    Get well soon dear.TC

  3. anne says:

    hello djtammy Im feeling better now though may runny nose hope I will fully recover soon

  4. anne says:

    hi mom gen thanks

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