Just Tired

For three days now that I always out in the house, we have to look for the best rates in going to Manila; we inquire the PAL and the Cebu Pacific. Eh? Why Cebu Pacific? Well they always had the best deal ever so I guess I have to let gone be by gone. We will be with Terry in going back and forth so if they would mess up again, they would face him.

I was gone for three days because I have to get the best deals and thank goodness that the rate went down yesterday than the other day. Right after we get the rate and booked it, we paid it right away on the next day.

Mj was so happy when we get the tickets yesterday, well it would be her first time to board in a plane. I am looking forward of her reactions, well I hope she would enjoy the first ride.

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4 Responses to “Just Tired”

  1. Mom of Four says:

    Wow, kelan ang dating ni Terry dyan sa PInas, I bet you will have a great time. Enjoy..si MJ sa may window mo ilagay para mas mag enjoy siya, take a lot of pictures habang nasa loob siya ng plane, hehehe.

  2. momgen says:

    God bless your plans. TC

  3. anne says:

    oo nga kaso lang mommy liz baka matakot si mj hehehe matrauma pa wahhh

  4. anne says:

    thanks mommy gen

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