I Am Back!

I’d been lost this past few days, all I wanted to do was to crawl in bed, close my eyes and let the time just pass by.

I was tired of thinking over things, was hurt and depressed but we have settled all the things we need to settle. I was maybe over reacting of the things that happen but no one could blame me I guess, I was anticipating and that was it.

I guess even when you love the person too much, you just can’t avoid that sometimes you both argue over a certain issue, and that you lose control at times because you are hurt.

That’s why I haven’t posted anything right here, I was not in the mood to do such and there were no words inside my mind would popped out. We talked and listened to each other’s side, and were able to clarify all things.

So here I am, I’m back again to blogging. I think I’ve misses a lot of fun and some events each one of you posted, but since I am here I will try to patch up all the things I have missed.

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4 Responses to “I Am Back!”

  1. texas_sweetie says:

    whoaa hehehe nag LQ diay kunohay mo Terry babay? duh ayaw pugsa suwat sa blog og wala sa mood oi kay naa jud times ingon ana blanko ato utok.

    ug d palang tungod sa sapi d najud ko cguro mag blog kay pul-an naku kaayo oi. tuod labay lang ko here!

  2. janice_phil says:

    great page!

  3. anne says:

    mo lang ann pero ok nami ron hehehe

  4. Forgetful Princess says:

    There is no such thing as perfect relationship but always remember; communication is the best solution to settle things down. Always talk about the things you like or you don’t like. AS much as possible, make it open! Never hold grudges/anger it will not solve the fight.

    No wonder you have been so quiet Ate Anne 🙂 Glad you are back!

    Take care always