Certainly, I believe all of you are familiar with the movie “Taken.” and I am sure enough you all enjoyed the movie as well, can you believe I’ve watch the movie three times at home and guess what? I still want to watch that over and over again.

I know you also would like to review the movie otherwise if you haven’t watch it, anyway if you haven’t watch the movie because you don’t have enough time and being busy at work is eating you up, well you might want to read the synopsis here.

Bryan (Liam Neeson) has retired from the Agency to live full-time in the US to be near his beloved 17-year-old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). Kim lives in luxury with her mother Lenore (Famke Janssen) and the mother’s wealthy new husband Stuart (Xander Berkeley). Bryan picks up some quick cash working security with some old CIA buddies escorting a local female rock star to a nearby concert. Before the concert, Bryan asks Sheera (Holly Vance) for his daughter, an aspiring singer. Sheera answers “don’t become one.” Bryan earns his money as he saves Sheera from a murderous fan.

Bryan is failing to rebuild his relationship with Kim due to Lenore’s sabotage and Stuart’s upstaging of Bryan. So Bryan is ecstatic to be invited to lunch with Kim, just the two of them. Right. Lenore is also there and it is made plain he was only invited to sign the parental consent Kim needs to take a vacation in Paris with just her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy). Bryan is reluctant to agree, knowing of the dangers of the wrong parts of Paris, but Kim explains she’ll be staying with Amanda’s cousins and spend most of her time in museums. Bryan says he will consider the matter which Kim takes as a no. Thus Kim is wonderfully surprised when Bryan later shows up at Stuart’s home with the signed consent, an international cell phone, and some conditions. Bryan must take her to the airport. She is to call him when she lands in Paris. She is to call him every night and tell him the address and phone number of any new place at which she will be sleeping. At the airport Bryan sees a map of Europe with several cities circled in a pocket of Kim’s luggage. He confronts Lenore who tells him the girls are going to follow U2’s European tour, not just stay in Paris. Bryan is angry but it is too late to do anything about it. Standing in the line for taxis outside the French airport, the two teens meet a friendly, handsome young European named Peter (Nicolas Giraud). He suggests they all share a taxi for the expensive ride to Paris. Amanda immediately accepts and Kim agrees. While they wait, they have Peter take their picture with Kim’s phone. Chivalrous Peter has the taxi drop the girls off first. He invites them to a party that very night. Amanda agrees and brags about staying at her cousin’s flat. It takes up the entire fifth floor and the girls will have it all to themselves. Kim uneasily asks where the cousins are and Amanda breezily announces the cousins are on vacation in Spain. As the taxi pulls away, Peter makes a quick phone call–he simply says 2 and the address of the apartment. As they enter the apartment, Amanda is exclaiming about how hot Peter is and doesn’t Kim want to sleep with him. Kim tells Amanda she is a virgin. Amanda says there isn’t a better place than Paris to lose her virginity.

Back in the US, Bryan checks the arrival information and finds out Kim has already landed. Amanda has cranked the music in the apartment to such a volume that neither girl hears Kim’s phone ring when Bryan calls. Finally, Bryan gets a hold of Kim. While they talk, Kim can see Amanda across the courtyard. She sees two men grab Amanda and carry her bodily away from view while Amanda kicks and fights. Kim tells Bryan who immediately takes control and orders her to go into the nearest bedroom and hide under the bed. He asks how many men she saw and she thinks four. He tells her she will be taken and she must scream out any description of them she can. Bryan hooks up a tape recorder to his phone. Two men enter the bedroom and are puzzled they haven’t found the second girl. They converse in a foreign language. Bryan tells Kim to hold the phone towards the men so he can hear their conversation. Kim is snatched from under the bed. Bryan hears her voice for a few more seconds, then, after a moment of quiet, Bryan hears heavy breathing. Bryan tells the kidnapper he doesn’t have any money but that he has the skills to track them down. Either release his daughter unharmed or he will kill them. The kidnapper responds with an accented “good luck” and smashes Kim’s phone.

Bryan sends the taped conversation to a contact that identifies the language as Albanian and even narrows it down to one particular area of Albania. Bryan gets another CIA buddy to give him the scoop on Albanians in Paris–bad news–they are white slavers and Bryan has at most 96 hours before Kim will disappear forever. Bryan storms over to Stuart’s and confronts him about possible business enemies of Stuart arranging Kim’s kidnapping. Stuart and Lenore are surprised about how much of Stuart’s business Bryan knows. Satisfied with Stuart’s answers, Bryan tells Stuart he needs a jet to Paris now.

Under the eye of Jean-Claude, a former operative now deputy director of Internal Security, Bryan locates the kidnappers. Bryan first gains access to the apartment of Amanda’s cousins. Bryan rescues the digital photos from the smashed remains of Kim’s phone. He finds a reflection of Peter in the photo Peter took of the girls outside the airport. Bryan returns to the airport and assaults Peter. Unfortunately, Peter has a partner who attacks Bryan. Peter runs away. Bryan disposes of the partner and gives chase. Peter runs into traffic and is killed while the partner disappears. Bryan locates an area controlled by the Albanians. Bryan hires an Albanian translator and drives him to that area. Bryan leaves the translator in the care and starts window shopping with the street walkers. Their Albanian pimp roughs up the unprotesting Bryan and takes twice the prostitute’s normal fee from him. The pimp is unaware that Bryan has planted a listening device on him. Bryan has the translator listen to the bug from his car and translate the pimp’s conversations. They talk about having trouble with some new merchandise at a nearby construction site. Bryan excuses the translator after getting the Albanian-English dictionary Bryan had asked him to bring.

At the construction site, there is a long line of men waiting to get into a trailer. Bryan acts like a customer and joins the line. When Bryan reaches the head of the line, he hands the “doorman” his money and receives a scrap of paper with a single digit on it. Inside the trailer ropes have been strung with blankets draped over them to form rooms on either side of a center aisle. As he walks down the aisle he sees each “room” has a sign with a number on it. He enters the ‘room” that matches his number and finds a cot with a stoned woman lying on it. She isn’t Kim. She beckons him to come to her, but instead he starts pulling blankets aside to check the other “rooms”. Since each room has a customer, this invasion of privacy starts a ruckus. Bryan has to deal with a couple bouncers as he makes his way a long the length of the trailer. In the last room, he finds Kim–no, wait, it is another woman with similar hair wearing the jacket Kim wore to the airport. Bryan tries to question this woman, but she is so drugged she can’t talk. So Bryan takes her to his car and with difficulty makes his escape from a swarm of angry Albanians.

Jean-Claude demands a meeting with Bryan out in the open by the river. When Jean-Claude arrives, his cell rings. It is Bryan saying he doesn’t trust meeting Jean-Claude (until he gets Kim back). Jean-Claude says his boss hit the roof over the construction site violence. While the boss wanted Bryan arrested, Jean-Claude has convinced him to authorize instead a third class ticket to send Bryan back to America. Bryan refuses. Jean-Claude’s men have been triangulating the source of Bryan’s phone call and a squad of men burst onto a nearby rooftop. There they find a cell phone rigged to call a third phone. Bryan escapes.

Nursing the girl back to health from an involuntary drug addiction, Bryan finds out where the kidnappers took her when she was abducted. Bryan heads to the address, walks in bold as brass and presents Jean-Claude’s business card as his own. Bryan is led past several thugs to a dirty kitchen. Four Albanians are seated around a table. Bryan tries to ascertain who is the leader but they all claim to be Marco and all from the town Bryan’s language expert had identified. Bryan gives them a story about their old police contact had been transferred and now “Jean-Claude” will be collecting the bribes which have just gone up. After some hard bargaining, a deal is reached and Bryan thinks he has identified the figure. As he leaves, Bryan stops and says a friend gave him a note in Albanian. Bryan says he is wondering if the note is a joke, hands it to the apparent leader, and asks him to translate it. The leader (the real Marco) responds “good luck.” Bryan says to him “don’t you remember me? I told you I was going to find you” and all hell breaks loose. When the gun smoke clears, Bryan has killed all of them but Marco. Bryan searches for Kim in all the rooms of the building. He finds several women and Amanda’s body handcuffed to a bed (apparently dead due to a heroin overdose). Bryan tortures Marco. Marco tells Bryan Kim was sold to a man named Saint Clair.

Jean-Claude comes home for a late supper with his wife to discover Bryan is visiting! Jean-Claude’s wife says we will eat as soon as you tuck the children in. On his way back from that chore, Jean-Claude stops at his desk for a pistol he tucks into the back of his waistband. Bryan accuses Jean-Claude of being bribed to ignore the Albanians and demands Jean-Claude locate this Saint Clair. Jean-Claude pulls the pistol. Jean-Claude talks about the gap between his meager pay and the cost of maintaining his family in the style they deserve. Bryan tells Jean-Claude that he has been behind a desk too long if he can’t tell the difference in weight between a loaded gun and an unloaded one. Bryan has several bullets in his hand and the gun is empty. Bryan pulls his own pistol and repeats his demand. Jean-Claude refuses. Bryan shoots Jean-Claude ‘s wife in the arm. Jean-Claude uses his computer to access police files that locate Saint Clair.

Again posing as Jean-Claude, Bryan gains access to a party Saint Clair is hosting. Bryan discovers Saint Clair is hosting a much darker “party” on a lower level. Bryan assumes the guise of a waiter and gains access to a darkened room. It is one of a series of darkened rooms encircling an enclosed stage. On the stage are a young woman and an auctioneer. In each darkened room is a bidder buying women. The bidding ends and the girl is led away. The auctioneer announces the last and best woman of the evening’s auction, a virgin–it is Kim. Bryan forces the buyer in this darkened room to outbid the others to purchase her, but Bryan is captured and knocked unconscious. He awakens suspended from a pipe just below the ceiling, Saint Clair identities him as Kim’s father and leaves his security guards with orders to execute Bryan quietly–mustn’t disturb the guests upstairs. Bryan escapes while killing the guards. Bryan runs into Saint Clair returning to object to the noise of a gunshot. Saint Clair says Kim has been bought by Arab clients and pleads unsuccessfully for his life by saying “it was just business”. Bryan tracks his daughter to a sheikh’s yacht sailing down the Seine. Bryan jumps on to the ship from a bridge and eliminates all the people inside, finally freeing his daughter.

Back in the US, Kim is reunited with her mother. Lenore even hugs Bryan in thanks. Later, Bryan mysteriously collects Kim and takes her to a very nice home Kim has never seen before. As Kim knocks, Bryan steps back. Pop Diva Sheerah opens the door. It is her home and over her shoulder at a piano we can see Sheerah’s wonderful vocal coach. Sheerah takes Kim by the arm while saying she had heard Kim wants to be a singer, let’s see what you’ve got.

Source: The Internet Movie Data Base

“You don’t remember me. I have spoken to you in the phone two days ago, I told you I will find you”

The line above was one of my favorite line from the movie.

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  1. djtammy says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhhh…very long post but worth reading 🙂 I love the movie! I watch it 2 times already and thinking to watch it again.

    I wish Bryan was the new james bond..hehehe.

  2. Mom of Four says:

    kinwento mo na ang buong story ah. Well, i have seen this movie and it was pretty good. I love Liam Neeson, he’s so skilled. I hope he recovers from the death of his real life wife Natasha Richardson.

  3. fidelity says:

    haha, i’ve watched this one..great movie..dapat ipakita sa mga teens..maraming lessons…actually i’ve watched it several times ganda kasi and di boring

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