Honey Is Here Finally!

Yup, that’s the reason why I was not here this past few days because Terry is here finally! We checked in the Apo View hotel on Sunday for we have to fetch Honey as early as 6:00 a.m. on the next day.

So folks have fun this easter and may you hunt as many eggs as you want and share me some! Hehehe

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7 Responses to “Honey Is Here Finally!”

  1. Anzu's Mum says:

    wow happy family na naman kayo =) enjoy the holy week =)

  2. The Beauty Within says:

    Happy Easter Anne! Welcome back Terry…weeeeeeee

  3. eden says:

    kanindot kay naa na gyud ang honey. enjoy gyud mo and spend quality time together.

    i will give you some if i can hunt many easter eggs..hehehe

    happy easter

  4. Andrea says:

    Hope you have a happy Easter, too! By the way, there is an award for you on my blog 🙂

  5. djtammy says:

    wow. finally terry is here…mauuwi na rin sa simbahan…hehehe

    Have a great easter weekend to your family..

  6. Twerlyn says:

    kalami jud sa feeling ron ba..tc and enjoy!

  7. momgen says:

    wow that is a good news…Anyway pagbalik mo online I have two awards that you deserve to have it…http://mommyko.com/2009/04/blogger-trophy-award-and-smart-award.html

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