We’re So Happy

Got the Legal Capacity just this morning!

Faith got so fussy last night whenever I put her to the crib that the hotel gave us. So I have to pick her up and swung her a little but the moment I placed her back to her crib she would cry so hard, so Terry brought her to our bed even we have to move to the sides because Faith occupied the most space.

We woke up this morning so droopy still, I washed Faith’s feeding bottle while Terry tried to take Faith to the shower, she cried so loud again. While wondering why Faith doesn’t like the water this time, I got her from her father and dance her a little bit.

She slept in my shoulder then after a while I join her to our bed besides it was only 7:00 a.m. at that time yet so we still had time to take a nap for 30 minutes perhaps. Terry watched T.V and forgot the time as well, I woke up at almost 9:00 a.m.

I hurriedly woke up Mj and told her to take a shower right after Terry finished his shower. We took breakfast in just a flash! We arrive at the embassy passed 10:00 a.m. already the girl in the window L said we were late when Terry asked her to inquire on how to get the Legal Capacity, good thing I guess with Terry’s charm when he talks to the girl, the lady went on to process his documents. The couple ahead of us had to ask him what he did to get the necessary form to fill up. Terry answered them we just went to the window L and inquire, their number is way too far yet and the window L is already closed since the schedule of getting the Legal Capacity is only from 7:00 a.m. until ten a.m.

When Terry submitted the form the guy went with him and asked the lady of his form for the Capacity. I guess they were able to make it this time since they were there to get it from yesterday.

I thought we were not able to get it today but when I saw Terry’s approval sign from the inside the office, I smiled so wide.

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4 Responses to “We’re So Happy”

  1. Ritchiela says:

    That is exactly what’s happening here,our girl doesn’t want to sleep on her bed,so all three of us have to share a tiny bit of space.

    Anyway,about dun ke CA,she viewed ur profile at friendster.You might wonder how I knew.Eh kc po,dahil dyan ke feedjit mo kaya na tra-trace kung san nanggaling ang iyong bisita.pLEASE naman paki-check,favor lang hehe…salamat ng marami.I got this Ms.J from CA nga,pero I just need to confirm.Thanks a lot!

  2. Allen's Darling says:

    Hi anne


  3. momgen says:

    Hi Anne wow i am happy for you. Take care. Congrats daan sa wedding ha.

  4. benchiegrace says:

    hi anne..just droppin by here as well..musta na girl?

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