First Time In The Plane

Ooopsss, not me but Mj.

Mj was so excited to ride in the plane, she said she would be able to see little images under the plane when we are flying. She said she saw the house and her cousin Yanyan playing outside. She said she saw Davao’s SM mall and other things. We were far past Catalunan Pequeno when she said she saw these things but it was okay it was her first time. We had a little turbulence on landing in Manila and she was a little afraid but she really enjoyed the flight.

On the return flight home she wanted again to sit by the window but instead we asked her to sit in the middle seat and let her little sister have the window seat. Faith was very noisy on the flight and kept on trying to climb out the window and onto the wing. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for mom and dad the window kept her in.

Mj was well behaved on our trip to Manila but her sister is a different story for a different post.

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3 Responses to “First Time In The Plane”

  1. merce h:) says:

    Hehehe!ang cute nila pakinggan.

  2. anne says:

    thanks merce

  3. inday_adin says:

    You can sure tell the excitement on MJ mommy Anne B. I remembered my first flight with my mama.. hehehe… My mom loved it since she hasn’t been on a plane. Good thing you guys were safe. Thank God!

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