Bagobo Hotel

After three days of staying in the Apo View Hotel we transferred at Bagobo Hotel near South Gaisano in Gov., Duterte St. The hotel is not as luxuriant as the Apo View, it is a simple hotel where you could stay with affordable price. We needed two bedrooms and if we took two rooms in Apo View Hotel that would be too much already, so for us to lay aside some of the money for other expenses, we transferred to Bagobo Hotel and rented two rooms. One for the kids and one for us.
I thought I would have problem with heating a water for Faith’s milk, In Apo View Hotel they had a heating pot in which we could use in heating water whenever I prepare her milk. In Bagobo Hotel hot water is already provided, we only have to request for it. The room is not as big as the Apo View or glamorous like some other hotel on the contrary if you are just looking for a place to stay while your in Davao, I guess Bagobo Hotel is alright.

Futhermore, Bagobo Hotel is located in the city near to any business centers and mall. Here are some of our pictures:

Terry and I

My man

My loving kids
My Nieces Moreen and Mariel

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