Playing Together

I am just so lucky to have these kids, they don’t treat each other as rivals, in fact they love each other too much especially Ate Mj. When Faith was born she was the one who tell our friends and neighbors that I would deliver her little sister soon. She was too excited and never felt jealous of Faith.

She helps me taking good care of Faith, she looks after her baby sister very well although sometimes Mj is busy doing something and Faith got hurt just like last night, they were playing a peek a boo in the bed room and unknowingly Faith fell down from the bed, good thing she did not hurt that much because there were pillows and blanket fell down with her. She cried though because she was frightened. Mj was fixing her blanket in her head the reason why she did not see Faith went to the edge of the bed, put the blanket in her face ready to peek a boo. I was doing something in the kitchen that I heard Faith’s cry, I ran as fast as I could to check what happen.

I was so worried but I guess that’s part of their growing that even how we protect our kids from hurts and pains, for them to learn they have to undergo such things so they will not do it again.

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4 Responses to “Playing Together”

  1. Dhemz says:

    wahahhaa…this is a funny video..Akesha was fascinated with your girls…hehehe..wala man jud kalaro si akesha dire…hehehe!

    MJ is a great Ate….nakikita ko yung bonding nilang dalawa…hehhee…:) thanks for sharing girl!

  2. Kangaroo says:

    pita..kalooy sa bata natagak.ana jud ng life si Leighanne sad sa una.choks that’s part of growing up girl ehehhe

  3. momgen says:

    Yes it is true anak nako ana gani naay kausa Anne ingon ako bana sa amo anak do not touch its hot na kay bata lagi nihikap napaso maayo gani abtik ako bana nakabutnag sa ice. karon hadlok na siya hikap basta ingnon no its hot or something. hehehhe

  4. ROSILIE says:

    It is nice to know that Ate MJ takes care of the little one. Hehhehehe! Take care! mwa!

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