Top 10 Entrecard Dropper For April

First thing first, I would like to apologize of not posting the top 10 Entrecard last March, I was so busy preparing that time for Terry’s arrival on April 06, 2009.

Let me also say thank you to all bloggers who keeps on dropping my Entrecard this month, even though I was only active on the last week of April.

My warmth greetings to the following:

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Entrecard Dropper For April”

  1. ☆Willa☆ says:

    I didn’t expect to be a top dropper to anyone’s blog bec i was kind lazy and at the same time got pissed off from EC and didn’t do any droppings for a few days.Thanks for the linky love!

  2. Chris says:

    you are welcome!!!

  3. anne says:

    Hi willa thanks so much for dropping always at my entrecard. hehehe kala ko no one would drop na kasi i was absent for how many days din wahhh

  4. anne says:

    thanks ulit mommy crhis

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