Will Be Heading To A Friend’s House

Yes, that is after we are done paying with my house loan, I will take the kids with me since my Sister Merlyn is not here yet. They might going to stay in Cebu for a while, I am already absent with our swimming lesson and aerobics session for almost two weeks now. Sigh!

I supposed to meet Analee and her husband last night but duh! I didn’t know that there was a transport strike yesterday and almost 95% percent in the city was being paralyzed and it might hard for me to take any transport vehicles going back. I wanted to go though but aside from the transport strike yesterday, I was really so tired.

But today, we will go to a friend’s house to teach her how to get into blogging; Mj will get to see her ninang again and perhaps asked her with the pending gift last Christmas. Hehehe

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